Our Company

Company Profile

F & J Prince Holdings Corporation (FJP) is a Philippine-based holding company listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange, and its predecessor the Manila Stock Exchange, since 1979 with symbol code FJP.

It was originally incorporated as a mining and exploration company on February 18, 1971 known as Ultrana Nuclear and Minerals Corporation which subsequently changed its name to Ultrana Energy and Resources Corporation.

On November 18, 1996, under the approval of Securities and Exchange Commission, the company changed its corporate name anew from Ultrana Energy and Resources Corporation to F & J Prince Holdings Corporation and classified itself as a holding company with investments in companies in real estate, power generation, information technology and business process outsourcing.

Mission and Vision

F&J Prince Holdings Corporation (FJP) aims to increase shareholder value by investing in companies and assets that have high potential for growth and appreciation. To do so, it must have the vision to spot investment opportunities in areas of high growth and high potential appreciation. Its investment in Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies which have experienced strong growth in the last few years clearly fall into this category. Its investment in Singapore-based Biotech company that develops and does clinical trials on pioneering drug compounds is also a good example of a company with high potential. In addition, the company has also invested in land and properties that have markedly gone up in value in the last few years. It is also focusing on developing its land into income producing property to increase the company’s recurring income. This is in line with the company’s goal to increase its income stream by increasing dividend income from its investee companies as well as increasing rental income from its real estate properties. At the same time, its aims to realize the appreciation potential of its investment by pursuing avenues to list its investee companies and by developing its land holdings in order to realized the full potential of its properties.